Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Almost Home

The computer, that is. Not me. I'm still here. The computer is on the mend and should be up and running soon. And I didn't even have to start daily plasma donations to foot the bill. In honor of the return of the computer in the near future, I thought I'd post some links to a few of my favorite posts from the last few years. If you've read then before, I hope you enjoy them again. Here are the links ...

The "B" Word

Our Story

Diary of a Crazy Afternoon

Barring any other computer-related episodes, I'll be back later this week with gobs of pictures and maybe even a video. I've gotten some requests to resurrect Matt's Question of the Week, so I'll see if I can bribe him with desserts convince him to start that up again. Maybe a question of the month would be a good compromise??

I'll leave you with another old and totally irrelevant picture. But who doesn't love a cute kid, right?

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