Monday, September 12, 2011

Crash and Burn

Our computer decided to take a swam dive into the shallow end last week and it has still not recovered. My tech-savvy husband has been thwarted on all of his reconnaissance missions thus far, so it looks like a trip to the Apple Store for some TLC is in our future. I just hope we don't go in there thinking it's just a repair and walk out with a brand new computer and much lighter wallets. Only time and the computer gods will tell ...

I have to admit that it's been kinda nice not having a computer in the house. I have a lot more time to read and do some of those pesky chores that always seem to wait until the evening to get done. I guess you never know how much you use something until it's gone. Plus, the iPhone gets me by!

We spent this past weekend in Chicago celebrating a good friend's wedding. We did NOT take the kiddos. Though they would have loved the plane ride, I don't think they would have been happy with all the walking we did. I love going on vacations in big, walkable cities. Besides reminding me of the year that I lived in Boston, walking the city totally negates all the calories ingested from all the great food to be found. Want a cupcake?? No problem! Just walk the 2 mile round trip to the cupcake store and you have EARNED that sugar, baby! Calories in, calories out. And I don't even feel like I'm exercising! If anyone can figure out how to make this phenomenon happen with my daily treadmill runs I will be happy to get you a whole box of cupcakes as a thank you.

Hopefully the computer will be back on his (her?) feet soon. New pictures will be hard to come by until then, so you'll have to survive on my charming wit and ability to confiscate my husband's laptop when he's home from work. Fall (and all the activities that come along with it) is in full swing around here, so there should be lots to talk about over the next few weeks. And please, if you're not too busy, say a prayer to the iGods for us ... we need it!

(And just because I feel obligated to put a picture at the end, here's one from this past February that has absolutely nothing to do with this post).


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