Friday, December 16, 2011

Elf on the Shelf Friday

Having been a regular in the Clifford household for the past two weeks, Johnny has become quite accustomed to life with the PALS.

We've been experiencing an uncharacteristically mild December here in NC, and Johnny's blood is just too thick for our climate, so the kids found him exploring a clime more his style...

Johnny used some of his elf magic to turn the kids' milk green, which was a little bigger hit than mommy and daddy had bargained for. They now refuse to drink standard-issue white milk.

Johnny also managed to hack into daddy's laptop to sneak an email off to Santa.

The kids were very curious about the email - Johnny has really honed his correspondence skills.

We've noticed Johnny casting sideways glances toward the playroom, but we weren't sure what he was up to. Apparently Johnny's a sucker for tall, blonde, anatomically-skewed plastic dolls.

He also apparently like slices of pizza the size of his abdomen. Can't blame him.

The kids have been really wishing for snow this season, so Johnny figured he'd indulge them somewhat.

Johnny and Barbie are going on a second date, but he noticed he needed to work on his color before the big day.
He also decided to do his best impersonation of the Grinch.

The "My Little Ponies" might have been miscast, but Max the Dog is a dead ringer.

Finally, it seems that even elves have to do their business.

We can't wait to see what Johnny's up to this last week before he heads back up to the North Pole until next year. Stay tuned for his latest escapades in Winston Salem!


  1. Johnny is cracking me up! I will hate to see him go. :-(

  2. Maybe he can make some seasonal appearances on other holidays ;)