Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Story, Part I

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved a boy so much it made her head spin. The boy loved the girl as well and they soon decided to get married. They had a beautiful wedding in May of 2004 and started living their lives together from that moment on. They both loved being together and starting their little family of two. The boy loved the girl and the girl loved him back fiercely in return. A puppy joined the mix and they really thought that life could not get any better than this. They did everything together from grocery shopping, exercising ... they even worked at the same place! It was almost sickening how much they loved being together (but not to them). Life was wonderful and they looked forward to the future with wide eyes and unwavering fervor.

As with most couples, it wasn't long before the girl started thinking about adding to their little family. Of course she had to convince the boy that this was a good idea, but, after some thought, he agreed and they started trying to have a family of their own in the spring of 2005. The girl was so excited. She smiled every time she passed the racks of baby clothes at the store and she wrote baby name upon baby name down on scraps of paper around the house. She told no one her secret, but she had a lightness to her step that could not be hidden. She was so ready for the next step in their lives.

After a few months, the girl started to get a feeling that something was not right. Time had gone by and still there was no morning queasiness, no expanding waistline. The boy gave her encouragement and sweet support. She felt anxious and pressed. She felt a nagging emptiness begin to enter her heart. Still, she pressed on with hope, but the spring was fading from her step. She could not understand why her dream was not coming true. She prayed and prayed for guidance and strength, but she received more lessons in patience in return.

Finally, in the spring of 2006, the girl and the boy decided to talk with someone about their struggle. Surely, they surmised, someone with medical training could provide some answers and, more importantly, solutions. The boy and the girl were scared and tired of carrying this burden on their own for the past year. They longed for answers, but received vague responses in return. They both underwent testing and found that both of them had minor issues affecting their dream of having a family. The doctor said there were options and medical procedures they could try. The girl and boy were hopeful again. They started year two of trying to have a baby with a new found anticipation and optimism.

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