Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rain Check for Labor Day

Labor Day was pretty rainy for us as I guess it was for a lot of the southeast. So we didn't get a day of fun in the sun as our last summer hurrah. Fortunately, it stays warm for a while around here, so we still have time to enjoy the outside before it gets cold. I'm just excited that it's September because that means FALL is on its way. I've already started counting the days until the first leaves start to change so I can break out the jeans and jackets.

Even though Monday was dreary, we did get a little outside time in over the weekend. The hose and water tables got plenty of use on what will probably be one of their last days until next spring.

Pushing water out of a water gun is a difficult job.

We did manage to find some time to grill before the rain hit, so I was satisfied that we had fulfilled all the Labor Day prerequisites after that.

Matt makes the best baby back ribs on the planet. And his smoked Boston butt is out of this world (I don't know what it is with me and the galactic references today). Us Cliffords like our pigs!!

Because Monday was rainy, we spent a lot of time indoors. And what better way to make use of our time than a little slave labor cooking fun! Cupcakes were on the menu and everyone had fun making them. These cupcakes were different because they had icing inside the cupcake rather than on top. Brilliant idea because it was a) inventive and b) less messy to eat. A mom must have made up this recipe.

Please note Matt's make-shift aprons. Leftover work t-shirts with matching binder clips for the overly large neck holes make quite the fashion statement. I'm waiting for the call from Vera Wang.

Mom, why is this taking SO long?? (He tried to eat one of the cupcakes BEFORE we put it in the oven. We're working on patience.)

Putting the icing inside the cupcakes before they go in the oven.

Sorry I don't have a finished picture because we ate them ALL (kidding, kidding). We love our sweets, but we managed to save a few for later. I just forgot to take a picture. They basically looked like chocolate muffins but with a little surprise inside when you bit into them!

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend while celebrating the end of summer. And if you would like any rib, Boston butt, or inside-out cupcakes recipes, let me know!

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