Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Girls' Room

I know I promised pictures of the other rooms in our house at some point, so I figured the girls' room was the closest to complete. They still need a mirror over their dresser, but that search has been going on for months. Who knows, it could take years. So here are some pictures minus the mirror.

The girls' room is the middle room on what we call the kids' wing of the house. They are right in between the boys' room and the playroom. Here is the view when you look in through their door.

I have gone through several bedspreads/duvets for the girls before I found ones I really liked. I should have gotten the white quilts all along. I was just worried about them getting dirty but then I figured that's what bleach was for. I like that it's pretty and classic and it allows us to switch up the shams and accent pillows when we want something different. I also didn't want an overwhelmingly pink room, so white quilts helped solve that problem.

Here's the view from the opposite side of the room.

The only addition from the old house is the dollhouse. It was my grandma's dollhouse and I have a lot of memories playing with it at her house when I was growing up. I love that the girls get to play with it now. I love old, vintage dollhouses, so I was thrilled when my grandma gave it to them.

Here are the beds head on.

I'm going to tackle that white bedside table with some mod podge and scrap paper soon. It needs some new life.

Here's a better view of the dollhouse and dresser (that still needs a mirror above it).

And here is the wall that runs parallel to the hallway outside the girls' room.

It was a huge, white wall so we figured the best thing to do with it (since we can't paint it) was one of those removable decals. The girls LOVE it and I like that it's removable so if they decide they want something different, it will come down easily.

So there it is! It feels pretty put together now and the girls love their girly looking room. Now, if anyone has any good looking mirrors, I'd better get an email or comment, STAT!

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  1. I love these quilts! Where did you find them??