Monday, August 20, 2012

The Boys' Room

We've been in the new house for two months and we finally have one room completely finished! Yay! When we move, we tend to be very good about getting all the boxes unpacked  and furniture set up quickly. Then, we hit a wall. It can sometimes take months for us to do the little things like hang pictures and shelves. The boys' room has been about 90% complete for a month, but we finally got to 100% when the pictures went up this weekend. So here you go!

I apologize in advance for the poor picture quality and lighting. My camera (or maybe it was me) was just not feeling it today.

Here's the view from the doorway as you walk into the room.

And here's the view from the opposite corner along the same wall. The door to the right of the beds leads to the boys' bathroom.

I just realized that the middle picture isn't straight, arrrrg! One of my biggest pet peeves!

This is the view from standing in the bathroom doorway.

The boys have four windows in their room, so they get a ton of light. It's been nice in the mornings when they tend to play in there a lot.

Also, just like our last house, we are not allowed to add any paint color to the walls. I know, it's so sad. So I've tried to make up for it with adding colorful rugs and window treatments.

The boys' beds straight on ...

I love the boys' iron beds and their quilts that match, but aren't the same quilt (I have not had as much luck finding the girls' matching-but-not-the-same bedding). Their bedside table is an old school desk that has been in my family for a while. And, as you can see, Luke still needs a little help to get into his big boy bed!

Here's the view if you turn around and face the dresser.

The dresser is from the triplets' nursery. I'm so glad that when we had it made we decided to go with something simple and BIG. The boys will be able to use it for a long time. I can fit all of their clothes in here with room to spare.

So that's the first finished room in the house! Maybe now I'll be inspired to finish off some of the others. The girls' room is almost done as well and our bedroom only needs window treatments to be complete. The dining and family rooms??? Lets just say that I'm hoping they'll be done before 2013. We are still acquiring some more furniture for those rooms, so they are on hold for now.

So let me know what you think. Anything that I could add to it to make it more fun? Is there enough color in the room to offset those poor, white walls? Hopefully some more rooms will be coming your way soon!


  1. May I ask where you purchased the iron beds? Thank you.

  2. I think those beds are the Blake iron beds from the American Iron Bed Co.