Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And They're Off

Obligatory first day of school pictures for your viewing pleasure ...

I've pretty much given up on getting pictures with everyone looking AND looking happy. In fact, I often make them yell funny words to get them to look at the camera and possibly smile. All that does is get me pictures like this ...

But hey, at least we can see everyone's eyes.

The individual pictures always work out so much better. Here are my big 3 year olds on their first day of school.

And here's the littlest man on his first day of school EVER.

He gave me a hug at the door of his classroom this morning as I dropped him off and I thought we'd both avoided any tears. But right after he ran into the room he turned around and ran back to me so he could plant a big old kiss on my lips. So sweet ... so the tears started (for me at least).

They all had an awesome first day and everyone wants to go back on Friday. In my book, that means it was a success!


  1. so cute. i asked tessa if luke was in her class and she said "yeah. and he's a BOY!" btw, how's swimming going?

  2. Swimming is GREAT! There's the expected screaming, but Molly is great at calming them down for the lesson. She's awesome!