Monday, May 2, 2011

A Picturesque Weekend

I love spring in North Carolina. I can't say it makes me euphoric because of my allergies, but besides that it is amazing. Temperatures in the mid-70's and still cool and crisp at night ... it's heavenly. We try to get outside as much as possible in the spring before the heat of summer comes. We spent the weekend at two of our favorite places, Graylyn and Reynolda Gardens. The only thing better than enjoying the outdoors with your family is enjoying it on someone else's well-manicured property!

Picnics at Graylyn have become a family tradition (or an excuse for us to pick up food from our favorite lunch spot, Dioli's!).

After lunch, we were off to explore.

I'd like to say they were enamored with some fascinating discovery under the bridge, but no. It was goose poop.

Apparently, it's fascinating

I love that they leave games outside for anyone to use. We stumbled upon some badminton nets and raquets, croquet mallets, and soccer balls (it all made me feel very European) and the kids had at it. I'm pretty sure we didn't use the equipment in the exact way it was intended.

As always, we had such a fun time. I love living minutes from this place. And more people should take advantage of it (though I really don't mind having the place to ourselves!).

Later that day we headed over to Reynolda Gardens to see the rose bushes and all the other spring flowers. This place is always beautiful and the kids always enjoy running around and smelling (NO PICKING!) the flowers. I think we only killed a few flowers this time, which I consider a success.

Here is one of the culprits, caught in the act (notice the freshly picked flower in his fist).

The pictures really don't do the gardens the justice they deserve. If I ever had an outdoor wedding (which is pretty questionable with my preponderance of sweat glands that go into overdrive at the near mention of warmth), this is definitely where I would have it. Maybe I can talk one of the girls into getting married here? I could live vicariously through them! I'd just have to get a few hundred oscillating fans flown in before the wedding so that they could all be pointed on me during the ceremony. TAKE THAT sweat rings!!

Hope your weekend was as beautiful as ours!

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