Friday, May 13, 2011

A Birthday Letter for Luke

Dear Boogie,
Can you really be 2 years old today? It really seems like it was not that long ago that we were meeting you for the first time in the hospital.

You were such a patient and calm baby. Which was everything I could have hoped for since I also had three 17 month olds to look after at the same time! You gave me the gift of a year of what defines an "easy baby."

And then, sweet boy, you turned one.

And I think the grin above captures it all. You grew a will and a determination like I have never seen. And while I had to adjust to this changed little boy, I also got to see you grow and learn and blossom in your second year of life.

Once you learned to walk, you were always trying to keep pace with Peyton, Adah, and Sam. And you did a pretty good job of it too! You elbowed your way in there and made sure that they knew you were there and that you wanted to be a part of the action. You have learned to defend yourself and now your brother and sisters know that just because you are smaller does not mean you aren't a force to be reckoned with!

You have turned into a very bright and friendly boy. Everyone always comments on how handsome you are and what a cute little smile you have (and I happily agree!). Your talking has gone through the roof lately. It's amazing how much you learn and pick up every day.

Luke, you're my little buddy. I get to spend a lot of one on one time with you while your brother and sisters are at school and I love our time together. I must admit that I'm going to be sad when it comes to an end and you head off to school as well.

You are very affectionate and you favorite request is, "Hold you, Mommy?" I have a hard time turning down that little voice ... even though it means picking up a 31 pound little guy! You love to give hugs and open-mouthed kisses as well (we'll work on stopping that before you get interested in the ladies though). But my most favorite memory is how you will come up to me, scrunch up your little eyes into a squint, and lean your head up against me while you say, "Lub you, Mommy." Breaks my heart every time!

You love your Daddy and although you're still a momma's boy (I'll admit I've made you that way), he loves teaching you things only a Daddy can. Your appearance definitely favors Daddy and I can see him in your face more and more as you get older.

You and Sam are on your way to becoming best friends. And I love how you are both so different from each other. Listen to your brother because he will teach you a lot of important things. Things like how to make a proper truck (or race car or fire engine) noise and how to assemble block towers with the best of them. You two are so lucky to have each other and I'm looking forward to seeing your bond grow. You already look up to Sam so much and I know he is going to do a great job of mentoring you through life.

You are also our little ham more times than not. We often find you cutting up with your siblings or trying to make them laugh at the dinner table. A sense of humor is highly valued in this family, so I hope you keep it for a long time to come!

Luke, you are such a delight to be around and I know that God gave us you to complete our family. When we were scared and didn't know how we would handle a new baby while raising three toddlers, He just smiled and watched. How could I have ever doubted Him? He knew what He was doing all along when he gave us you. He was giving us a precious little boy who we now cannot imagine living without. We love every inch of you Boogie, and we're so excited to get to spend the rest of our lives watching you grow into what He has intended you to be.

Lub you,

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