Monday, May 16, 2011

Party People

Yeah, I like a little Nelly as much as the next guy. But what I really like is cake. And cookies. And blue icing. So good thing Luke wanted a Cookie Monster birthday party because that means lots of cookies and lots of blue icing.

We started things off on Thursday, Luke's actual birthday. Of course that meant presents and a little cake.

Sprinkles make everyone happy.

Over the weekend, we had a Cookie Monster birthday party. Since we already had done the cake, we went with cookies for this occasion. These babies were a labor of love, but I really liked how they turned out.

 And as high noon approached, the guest of honor donned his party shirt with pride.

Of course there were more presents ...

And yet another round of "Happy Birthday" ...

After all the festivities, we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon outside. The best part of celebrating birthdays is the time we get to spend with family and friends as a result.

Future photographer??

We can't believe out littlest guy is two years old! Where did the time go? We are so blessed that he is such a happy and bright little boy. Happy Birthday Luke!


  1. Great pictures. I love the Cookie Monster cookies! I found your blog from another blog I follow. I am now following your blog too. You see, I am an identical twin myself. My mother was told she could not conceive without having surgery so my parents chose not to prevent and they got pregnant right away with my brother who is 1 year and 2 weeks older than my sister and I. The doctor claimed the pregnancy was a fluke and would never happen again. They believed him. She found out she was pregnant again and thought that pregnancy was lost when she was 4 months along. The doctors told her “Oh you must have lost the twin. You’re still pregnant”. The day before we were born, the doctors took an x-ray to reassure my mother that she was just having one big baby. She was so hysterical (due to my brother’s age and knowing she would have two infants) she ended up going into labor and delivered us one month early. She didn’t believe the doctors any more. Triplets fascinate me since I should have been one so I will enjoy reading your posts. I hope you will follow me back

  2. What an interesting story! I'll be sure to check your blog out as well.