Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our Story, Part IV

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The girl and the boy went in to the doctor after their mandated break and told him that they wanted to try one more time. The doctor was excited. He told them that he truly felt they could get pregnant and he was glad they decided to give it one more try. There were no more embryos left from the very first IVF procedure, so they would have to do a brand new cycle all over again. This meant a repeat of all the shots, monitoring, and ultrasounds. The girl now knew what to expect and she and the boy were actually able to have a few laughs as they went through treatment. During the three month break the girl had decided to make an intentional change in her attitude. Her decision to be pessimistic had not helped her in the least so far, so she decided that maybe optimism was the way to go. It sure made the procedures she was going through a lot more bearable this time.

The shots gave way to the surgery and after it was completed they were once again in the two week wait. The girl and the boy were excited that they had a vacation to fill their days this time during the downtime. Everything went a little faster when there was something else to take up the dead waiting period. The girl thought she would be more scared than she was during the wait, but it turned out her optimism was having positive results. Every time she started to have negative thoughts about the future, she consciously made herself reverse her thinking. It was hard, but with the help of the boy she was able to do it fairly well. Vacation ended and they headed home to the inevitable.

The broken record played again as the girl went in for the pregnancy test, came home, and waited for the call. She was surprised when the phone rang early this time, way earlier than the previous two times. The nurse was shouting, she was so excited. Positive! The girl was hesitant. She did not want to let go of her emotions yet. She had been burned so badly before in the past and she was afraid to release. She tentatively asked about her hormone levels from her pregnancy test and was flabbergasted when told they were high, very high. Her hormone level when she was pregnant with the ectopic pregnancy was 25, this time it was over 1000! The girl's mouth hung open as the nurse assured her she WAS pregnant this time, very pregnant. It was June 14, 2007.

The girl and the boy told few about their news. They wanted to be sure this time. They wanted to be positive that they did not take all of their friends and family on another roller coaster ride of emotions. They were so indebted to their support system that they wanted to be absolutely sure before they rejoiced. The date of the ultrasound came and the girl awoke with a knot in her stomach. She was glad the appointment was early so they wouldn't have to wait all day. They went into the same exam room where they had heard such terrible news six months earlier and waited. The doctor came in and was upbeat. The boy and girl smiled back tightly. The doctor sensed their impatience and started the ultrasound. The boy held the girl's hand while she lay on the table. It didn't take long for the doctor to smile and congratulate them ... three times! Yes, he saw three babies, which was why the girl had such high hormone levels! The girl and the boy were overjoyed, petrified, and shocked at the same time. This was actually finally happening after two years of waiting and wanting, pleading and praying. They finally were going to have their family!

The rest of the year passed in a blur of doctor's appointments, ice cream binges, and swollen feet. They found out they were having a boy and two girls. They had baby shower upon baby shower and received more love and prayer than they ever thought they could deserve. Their hearts were full and they praised God for allowing them to witness His miracle. They thanked Him for His timing and forgiveness of their selfishness. They prepared for the babies and waited.

Right before Christmas 2007 the girl gave birth to the most beautiful babies ever given to a boy and a girl. They were tiny, but perfect in every way imaginable. They stayed under the watchful eyes of the doctors until they were strong enough to come home where they flourished. The girl and the boy felt a happiness they had never known. They shared a love and bond with each other that could now never be broken. They had traveled farther in two years than most couples had in a lifetime. Their love for one another and their babies was boundless and alive. Their family was finally here and complete ... or so they thought.

In September of 2008, when the triplets were 8 months old, the girl noticed something didn't feel right. She was up to her elbows in laundry and bottles and babies, but there was something different. The boy noticed as well. After denying the possibility to herself over and over, the girl finally gave in and did something she had never had the opportunity to do. She drove to the store and bought a pregnancy test. It practically turned positive the instant that she touched it. Shock reigned again. The girl could not wrap her mind around it. She was not able to get pregnant on her own. It was impossible ... except that it was not.

Eight months later, in May of 2009, miracle baby number four was born to the boy and the girl. They were amazed. Amazed at his life, their triplets' lives, and the God that was the center of their lives. The girl realized she had grown more in the past four years than she had in all the years previous to trying to have children. The years of anguish, fear, and hurt had given way to four precious miracles. She had learned patience, perseverance, and love - all things she was now constantly using in her day to day life with her family of six. She thanked God every day for His perfect timing and His love. She lived her life with a passion and a fierceness she never knew she was capable of. The boy and the girl were joyful - not because they got everything they wanted, but because of everything they became on their journey to get there.


  1. JoAnne- What a beautiful story. It is so uplifting to know that God is such a part of your lives. I miss you all so much!
    aunt Rebecca

  2. JoAnne, A beautiful story of love,faith and God's love for us all. I feel so blessed to be a part of your lives and to be able to share these precious gifts' from God with you. Love, Mimi

  3. I have never heard the entire detailed story. Thank you so much for being so transparent- A TRUE testament of God's faithfulness and love for his children.
    Love, Ashley

  4. I just read this... so great... we DO need to talk. I, too, was an infertility girl... tell me when you have time to get together!

  5. how beautiful that you were blessed with three they are very beautiful