Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our Story, Part II

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The boy and the girl were so excited to start talking with professionals about their impeded journey to parenthood. While they had a few scant answers in hand, more testing still needed to be done. The girl underwent surgery in May of 2006 and was told she had moderate endometriosis, which the surgery hopefully helped to clear up. She was sick after the surgery, but she didn't really mind because she felt something was getting accomplished and that they were moving forward. She was suddenly relentless in her pursuit of a family. She took notice of every pregnant girl that passed her by and longed to be in her shoes. It seemed like having a baby was so easy for everyone but them.

After she recovered, the boy and the girl started their first minor treatments to help them have a baby. The girl had to take pills and there was a lot of timing, constant monitoring, and ultrasounds involved. They thought it was funny they had undergone so many ultrasounds already when you usually don't have one until you are already pregnant. The first try came and passed without a positive result. Their spirits were dampened, but they went ahead for their second try. When the second try passed without an affirmative result, the girl broke down. Would nothing ever go their way? She became bitter and withdrawn. She didn't understand, but she continued to pray. She had her friends and family pray as well. She figured she could use as much prayer as possible to get them through this. The doctors wanted the boy and the girl to give the minor treatments one more try. The girl was pessimistic, but agreed. She was not surprised when the third attempt had the same result as the previous two. The boy and the girl felt spent and defeated. How much more could their emotions take?

The girl talked to God every day. Some days it was every minute or two. She begged Him, she made promises to Him. She knew she was loved by Him, but she still desired her will over His. She had not grown enough yet.

The doctors started talking about more invasive treatments. They discussed things like daily hormone shots and in vitro fertilization. The boy and the girl set off on this next step with trepidation. Their hearts had already been weakened from being broken on a monthly basis, so they were cautious about any hope they put into upcoming procedures. The girl began receiving twice daily shots in October of 2006 in order to start their first IVF cycle. They prayed together in bed every night for the baby that they so desperately hoped was growing in the girl's belly. After weeks of shots, the day finally came for the procedure. As soon as the girl awoke from the anesthesia, she started counting the days until they would find out if it had worked. She never knew two weeks could seem so endless.

The girl went in for her pregnancy test early one morning and was told she would get a call in the afternoon. She spent all day at work waiting by the phone and jumping out of her skin every time it rang. She didn't feel pregnant, but could you really even feel it this early? She obviously did not know. Finally the phone rang and the girl answered. She knew the outcome before she heard the words. She could feel it through the tension in the nurse's voice. There was no baby yet. The girl hung up and stared at the walls for a few minutes, then she started to cry.

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