Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Supermarket Sweep

So I may be dating myself here, but does anyone remember the show Supermarket Sweep? It was a show on Lifetime in the early 90's and I remember watching it sometimes. The best part was when the competitiors raced each other through the supermarket, armed with careening shopping carts, trying to find the right products to answer the clues they got in every aisle. It was pure insanity for housewives (which is why I'm still curious as to what drew me to it as a young teenager - another question for another day I suppose). They really don't make game shows the way they used to. Well, we had our own version of Supermarket Sweep this weekend and I think I have the next generation of "Super Sweepers" lined up. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to this episode's contestants!

First we have Peyton, better known as Penny-Pincher P to her friends! Peyton's talents include making up lyrics to her own songs, getting out of her bed after the lights are out, and telling everyone she can see about her new flashlight (what, you haven't heard about it?). Here's a couple shots of Penny Pincher in action ...

Look at how quickly she loads that cart!

"$3.99 for store brand saltines?!?! That's highway robbery!"

And she's off for the next clue ...

Our next contestant is Always Affordable Adah. AAA specializes in reading the same books over and over, singing along to bilingual character education cds, and running extremely quickly (as evidenced by the fact that we were only able to snag one picture of this contestant in action). We managed to catch up with her in the ethnic foods section. Tacos anyone?

Our final contestant is Big Spender Sam. He has been known to enjoy the time out chair, getting haircuts, and "fixing" anything with Daddy's tools (who knew you could "fix" the porch railings with a stud finder?). Sam is known for his emphasis on quality and brands, therefore earning him the title, Big Spender.

Checking the expiration date on the lactose-free milk ...

"I love these self-serve checkout lines. If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself."

Who will it be? Will Big Spender pull through in the midst of self checkout? Will Penny Pincher and her frugal ways help her earn the top spot? Will the whirlwind known as AAA come from behind as the dark horse? You'll have to tune in live to Winston-Salem, NC next time the Cliffords go to the Children's Museum (time still TBA) to see the result!

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