Thursday, May 20, 2010

Triad Smarty Pants

If you get a chance today, head on over to Triad Smarty Pants. This is a local blog run for and by Triad area (Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point) moms that features great tips, ideas, and information on mommy-hood and all it entails. Even if you aren't from the Triad area you should check it out because many of their posts are universal to ALL moms, regardless of location. Since moving to W-S in January, I have found a wealth of information and resources through this blog. And, luckily, they are spotlighting the Clifford PALS blog as one of their featured mommy blogs today! So please check it out to see what kind of great thing are going on in the Triad for moms and their families!

Also, in the spirit of my poetic escapade from yesterday, I decided to honor TSP with their very own poem (I know, you wish you were them). For this one I decided to switch the format to pay tribute to my husband's country of origin, Ireland, and wrote a good ole fashioned limerick. So "top of the morning" to everyone and hope you enjoy my latest attempt!

Triad Smarty Pants
There once was a blog with great vision,
Not surprisingly run by two women.
With tips, prizes and more
They had followers galore,
Proving moms can do it all yet again!


  1. Hello fellow TSP blogger!

    My friend, Kristine Drum, has triplets and is very active with the Moms of Multiples group in W-S. Do you know her?

  2. I don't. I haven't been able to join up with the multiples group here yet, but would love to!

  3. Happy to visit today from TSP! I don't have a gmail account, so I am not sure if I am commenting correctly, but I love your blog!

  4. Been wanting to leave you a comment for a week now and finally am getting around to doing it. This is Rachel from TSP and I love the limerick! I am enjoying your blog, too. Keep up the good work!