Sunday, May 16, 2010

Outside (and Inside) the Box

What is it about kids and cardboard boxes? I guess they have miles and miles of endless imaginations that we all seem to lose as we enter adolescence and then adulthood. We've had a lot of cardboard around here lately with the new swing set, Luke's birthday, etc. Half of our basement is still full of boxes from our move, even though there have been several trips made to dispose of the endless brown monsters. At least it provides for some good old fashioned fun for the kids though.

I also realized that I never put a final, finished product picture of the swing set up for all posterity to admire. My husband does deserve a round of golf claps for his job well done. I wanted to get a picture of him standing next to it to commemorate his ultimate "handy man" event, but he thought that would be a bit hokey. Oh well, I'll just have to settle of one of the swing set all alone (maybe I can Photo Shop a picture of him going down the slide in a future post).

And finally, I have been dreading thinking about embarking upon the next great battle in the life of a mom with toddlers. I am more scared of this than anything so far. I have been reading books and such, but I know nothing will prepare me for it. Yes, I'm talking about this ...

Don't worry, there will be updates to come when/if/ever I decide to tackle this one. We tried a mild experiment this weekend and it did not go as I had planned (you mean they don't just "get it" in a couple days?). Any tips, as always, are welcomed. For now, I'm just going to continue having nightmares of the dozens of loads of laundry and even more bottles of Resolve carpet cleaner that seem to be in my future. Are you sure I can't just send them to college in diapers?


  1. Boy does this bring back memories! Our boys enjoyed the box more than the things that came in it. I'm visiting from Triad Smarty Pants. Love your blog!

  2. Thanks Rene. I am going to be sure to check out everyone's blogs from TSP too!

  3. That is beautiful swing set. Kids can get fun from everything. She is cute baby.