Monday, April 23, 2012

PALS Profile - Sam

Favorite Color: It's usually blue, but lately you've branched out to black?? I can only assume that it's because of your recent fascination with Gotham City's caped crusader.

Favorite Food: You say it's pizza, but you can put down the french fries as well. You are also my true chocolate lover ... a boy after Mommy's own heart.

Favorite Book: You like a variety of books, but one of your current favorites is Pete The Cat by Eric Litwin.

Favorite Song: Anything by Fresh Beat Band but you also have your special favorites. You can chalk all of this up to Mom when you get older. You LOVE Firework by Katy Perry, The Edge of Glory with Lady Gaga, and your current favorite ... wait for it ... Miley Cyrus' Party In The USA.

Likes to: Build, build, build. If we didn't make you put your blocks away every once and a while it would be the only thing that you would ever do. You are a great builder and make all kinds of planes, tools, and buildings with your blocks. It really is pretty amazing how good you are ... maybe a future architect or engineer?? We'll see. You also like anything and everything related to airplanes.

Does not like: Losing. We are working on this but you do not like it when you don't win any type of competition. You also don't like listening (this is my own personal observation) as evidenced by how many times I have to tell you to do something before it actually registers in your little brain! I was warned about this trait in little boys and it seems to be holding true for you!

Things you can do: Ride your bike with training wheels, write your full name (you lucked out with a short one), swing yourself, buckle and unbuckle yourself in your car seat (hallelujah).

Things you can't live without: Those blocks! Blankie, Taggie (the tag on Blankie), your roommate (nightlight), sweets (you love desserts).