Friday, April 27, 2012

PALS Profile - Adah

Favorite Color: Purple, but mostly because Peyton has laid claim to pink and we all know that two people absolutely, positively cannot like the same color. The horror!

Favorite Food: Definitely cheese pizza. Unlike most kids (or anyone), you usually eat the crust first. Same goes for your sandwiches. You definitely have the oddest eating habits of any of your brothers or sisters.

Favorite Book: You love to read any of our children's Bibles. You enjoy looking for all of the Bible stories you hear in church. You are still probably our biggest "reader", though you don't do it quite as much as you used to because of the influx of pretending games that take up most of your time.

Favorite Song: Anything by Fresh Beat Band but you also enjoy a little Britney circa 1998.

Likes to: Pretend, color, and draw. After  not showing a lot of interest in drawing, one day you just took off and have never looked back. You've surprised us by starting to write right-handed when everything else you do is left-handed. You love drawing pictures with complete scenes and story lines that can be pretty off the wall. You also love to play pretend games all day long. I can only imagine the things you are cooking up in your room during nap time (which is now just "rest" time for you)!

Does not like: Having your feelings hurt. You are definitely the most likely to cry if you are hurt emotionally (as opposed to physically). You are still fairly sensitive and have your feelings bruised very easily. However, this always makes you the most empathetic of the group. I have heard you many times telling people, "Don't be mean to my sister!" or hugging people who are crying or upset.

Things you can do: Ride your bike with training wheels, write all of the upper case letters, skip, still working on swinging yourself, buckle yourself into your car seat

Things you can't live without: Kitty (your blanket), stuffed animals (there is a new favorite every week), your nightly tucking-in routine, hair products (for keeping the fro under wraps)

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