Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Peeps get a bad rap. They're really only featured at Easter, even though the people at the Peep factory have tried to incorporate them into other holidays (Peep Jack-o-lantern anyone?). Matt despises Peeps but I tend to feel bad for those little sugar-encrusted marshmallow bunnies and chicks. I tend to buy them around Easter so they don't feel too bad about themselves ... ok, and maybe to gross out my husband a bit as well.

The kids have taken a liking to Peeps because, well, they're sugar. My kids and sugar are like moths to a flame, so we try and keep it to a minimum most days. I will admit that I'm more lenient on holidays because, c'mon, it's a HOLIDAY. Live a little is what I say. Plus, I don't want my kids to be one of those weirdos who's never had an Oreo or a lollipop when they go to their first day of kindergarten (I apologize if you are one of those anti-sugar people ... I applaud you, I do, but your kid is going to get it one day ... no matter how hard you try he is going to eat some sugar).

One day we were outside enjoying some post-dinner sugar with our Peeps when the following conversation took place ...

Me: "Adah, you like those Peeps, don't you?"

Adah: "Yeah, they're yummy!"

Me: "I know. Isn't Daddy weird for not liking those yummy Peeps?" 

Matt rolls eyes. I smile nicely. Meanwhile, Adah is dancing two Peeps together on the table.

Me: "Adah, are your Peeps having a dance party?"

Adah: "Yeah, they're having a show! A Peep show!"

I have now thrown away all of the Peeps.

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