Thursday, April 19, 2012

PALS Profile: Peyton

I have realized that I haven't written enough specific information down about the kids lately. Heck, I haven't "written" anything down in over four years. My attempt at baby books was like a Mr. Wizard episode gone horribly wrong. This little ole blog is my only way of saving some memories and while I hope the kids will enjoy reading about their grocery store mishaps or their "peep shows", I'm guessing they're going to want a little more solid and descriptive information down the road as well. And since my brain resembles scrambles eggs on a daily basis, I need to get some of these things written down while I'm momentarily sane.

So this may be boring to you and if it is, please feel free to skip over it and read something else today. I just wanted to be able to write down some specific information and this blog is the only place where I know it won't get lost or thrown in the recycling bin.


Favorite Color: Pink, Pink, Sparkly, and Pink

Favorite Food: Nuggets, tortellini, pizza (I promise we don't give you these foods constantly, but grilled chicken just can't compete with pizza in the mind of a preschooler).

Favorite Book: Can't pick just one but some favorites are the Pinkalicious books, Pete the Cat, and any book with a Disney princess (Belle is your favorite).

Favorite Song: Anything by Fresh Beat Band or Adele (I know. But you guys do not know entertainment until you witness a four year old belting out Rolling In The Deep from the backseat. I had to change my underpants once we got home).

Likes to: Sing and Dance. You are the resident performer in our house. You can always be found with microphone in hand directing your "shows" where you somehow manages to trick everyone into singing backup for you. You also enjoy coloring and drawing right now and will sit down for long chunks of time to color an entire picture.

Does not like: Not being the one in charge. This alpha does not liked to be knocked off of her pedestal.

Things you can do: Ride your bike with training wheels, write your full name (in uppercase letters, we're still working on lowercase), swim by yourself and you love it, do simple addition and subtraction (using your fingers, of course, but I still do that so I'm sure it's fine), swing yourself (hallelujah).

Things you can't live without: BB and Wonkie (I fear they may go to college with you), your thumb, Adah (who you told me was your best friend ... awwww), words - I think the hardest thing I could ever ask you to do is to be quiet for five minutes, and people (you cannot stand to be alone or play by yourself).

Ahhh ... 25% of memories saved for now. I'll get the other 75% up over the next few days!

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