Friday, April 6, 2012


We've been eating lots of ice cream lately now that it's gotten to be so warm outside (not like the temperature really ever stopped us from eating ice cream, but anyway ...). Last week one of the local ice cream stores had a $1 cone special in the afternoons and we were all over that like white on rice. I think the manager's face fell when he saw us walk in and realized he was only going to get five measley bucks out of our brood.

Once we got the ice cream and headed outside, the kids started in on the dirty work. They can make short change of a scoop of ice cream. Adah was systematically devouring her ice cream in slow, steady, meticulously small bites (if you know Adah, this would not surprise you), but she was still leading the way. This is the following conversation ...

Me: "Man, Adah! You are doing a number on the ice cream girl!"

Adah: Smiles with ice cream running down her chin.

Sam: "Hey Mom wanna watch me do a number on MY ice cream?"

Me: "Sure Buddy, just don't get another brain freeze."

(Mr. Big Mouth average between 4-6 brain freezes per scoop)

Sam: "Ok, watch. One ... (eats a bite), Two ... (bite), Three ... (bite), Four ... (bite) ..."

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