Thursday, December 1, 2011


My kids are really into what is on their clothes lately. They're not very picky about what they wear, but they always want "something" to be on their shirt for the day. Therefore, I have had to put the plain colored shirts in the bottom of the drawer because they will complain and moan if I DARE put a shirt on them without something "cool."

All of this shirt inspection means that they are very aware of what I wear on my shirts every day as well. With four children under four, my outfit of choice is usually work out clothes. Sexy, I know. But most mornings I do go running, so at least I'm wearing them for a purpose, right? So many days the most exciting thing on my shirt is some type of tiny athletic logo.

One morning, I came downstairs in my workout regalia and was instantly bombarded with a wardrobe interrogation by Fashion Detective Peyton ...

Peyton: "Mom, what does you have on your shirt today?"

Me: "Well, I don't know if I have anything on it today. It's just an exercise shirt."

Peyton: "No, Mommy, I see something little on there."

Me: "Where? I don't think there's anything there sweetie."

Peyton: "Yes there is! See Mom?? There's a red sushi on your shirt!"

Me: "What?? Sushi?? How do you know what sushi is?"

Meanwhile, I'm looking all over myself for anything that resembles a red, uncooked fish ...

Peyton: "Right there, Mom. See it?"

I then look down to see that she is pointing to the red Nike swoosh on my shirt.

Me: "Oh, SWOOSH ... I see it now. It's swoosh, honey. It's probably not a good idea to tell anyone that they're wearing fish this early in the morning!"

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