Friday, December 2, 2011

Elf on the Shelf Friday

Big news ... my kids have an Elf on the Shelf. Just like every other kid on the planet. I'm glad we're so original like that. It actually may come back to haunt me because Adah spotted the Elf on the Shelf display when we were in Target the other day and wondered aloud why there were so many Johnnys in boxes at Target? Luckily, she's easily distracted and the nearby snow globes did the trick. I hope she never outgrows that ... being easily distracted. It makes my life so much easier.

So yeah, our elf's name is Johnny. At first I was a little disappointed when they named him last year because I thought it was kinda boring. But now that I've heard the names of some of my friends' kids' elves I'm glad we've got good ole Johnny. Let's just say they're are some elves walking around out there with some pretty awful names. Hopefully they're just their stages names and they get to go by their real names when they go back to the North Pole.

We're having some fun with Johnny this year. The highlight of our nights the past week has been concocting various situations for the children to find Johnny in when they wake up in the morning (this should give you some insight as to how much excitement usually goes on during a typical night at our house). I've decided to document Johnny's antics for this Christmas season and post them every Friday until Christmas for everyone to see. Also, it'll be a way for my rapidly deteriorating memory to go back and see what Johnny was doing this year so that next year we don't have to think all of these scenes up again and can just re-create them based on the pictures we can look back when the kids are older and have a good laugh. Happy Elf-ing!

Johnny's arrival. First class. He's a little snooty, our elf.

The next day he proved that he's a daredevil and a little extreme.

He's also a bettin' man.

Johnny's very tech savvy. This day he spend over 12 hours on his cell phone talking to someone named Siri??

He's also a man's man. Fishin' and huntin' are some of his favorite hobbies. He was up by 5am this day to see what was biting at Lake Crystal Bowl.

To finish off the week, he and his friend Corn (yes, we have a doll named Corn) had a friendly snowball fight in the playroom.

Corn's such a bully. He's just ready to take Johnny out with those man-like arms of his. Plus, he's snowball fighting in the buff. Hmmmm ... maybe that's why his legs are crossed???

(Does Corn remind anyone else of Big Baby from Toy Story 3?)

So there you go, the first edition of Elf on the Shelf Friday. Tune in next week for more of Johnny's adventures!

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