Monday, December 12, 2011

The Best Santa

This past weekend we continued our traditional Breakfast with Santa at the kids' preschool. Can I just say (again) how much I love this preschool? We have the best teachers, staff, and parent volunteers that make it possible for all of these great events to happen. It's been such a joy to have our kids there and someone is going to have to carry me out kicking and screaming in a couple years when we have to leave.

Breakfast with Santa is one of the cutest events. It eliminates the need for us to have to drag the kids to a mall Santa and the Santa we see every year is the real deal. I also think it's pretty cool that our kids will see the same Santa every year when they visit. I have this hope that always seeing and talking to the same exact Santa will somehow prolong the magic and season of believing for them (or maybe me!). Anyway, he is awesome and we love getting to go back to him year after year.

We arrived at the breakfast and headed straight for crafts before we saw the big man himself. The making of the reindeer food is always a huge hit. Everyone got to make their own recipe and package their own bag of special food for Santa's work "horses."

Peyton added extra glitter this year for just a bit more sparkle.

We also got to make Christmas mugs (or "muffs" as Sam insisted they were called) with stickers. We love us some stickers at our house. I'm moderately surprised that all of Luke's stickers ended up on his paper. I usually find them on his back or belly when it's time for bath.

Then, finally, it was our time to see Santa. We prepped the kids ahead of time to only ask for ONE thing from Santa. This was very easy for Adah, Peyton, and Luke as they have only had one item on their lists all along. Sam, on the other hand, was a different story. His list changes daily, though it always includes some type of airplane or helicopter. Yes, he has requested specific types of aircraft, including a 747, a 767 (because it's bigger than a 747), a B-29, a Blue Angel, a rescue helicopter, and a B-52 bomber. It all started with my idiotic mistake of giving him aircraft magazine while we were at the barber shop recently and it has spiraled out of control. We finally had to tell him that Santa has stopped taking orders and he'll just have to be happy with what Santa brings him. All I'm certain of it that it will be something that flies.

We had pretty good success with a picture this year. Everyone looking, which is always good. And there was no fighting over who got to sit in Santa's lap and who had to stand. So the hope is that they are safely cemented on the nice list.

I liked this next picture as well, but Matt pointed out to me (in his words) that, "Peyton's mammoth bow is blocking Sam's entire face." Hey, lay off on the bows. I only have a limited amount of time with them. As long as they agree to wear them, they are wearing them.

Here's a view of the conversation with Santa. Can you see how hard Sam is trying to narrow it down? I think he ended up settling on the B-29. This Mrs. Claus has NO idea what that is so I hope the Santa of our house does.

After our visit, we proceeded to eat our weight in Chick-fil-a minis, doughnut holes, and Moravian sweet buns during the "snack" portion of the breakfast. Our family didn't exactly get the memo that this was supposed to be a light snack and not an all out breakfast buffet. I think they were glad when we left and that there was still a little bit of food remaining for those coming behind us.

I love this school event so so much and I'm glad we're going to get to do it for a few more years. The kids have been attempting to tie jingle bells to their shoes all week so they can "be like Santa with the bells on his boots." Didn't I tell you this guy was the real deal? If you've got bells on your boots then you MUST be the real Santa.

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