Friday, December 9, 2011

Elf on the Shelf Friday

Oh that Johnny had a grand old time this past week getting himself into all kinds of predicaments. He proved that he's not above a little mischief, but that he's also an elf aware of his health and well-being.

On Saturday, Johnny went with us to the Mistletoe Half Marathon! He placed first in his species group (elf-sapien) and also managed to cheer us on as we ran.

After that big run on Saturday, he knew what his body needed was a day of rest. So he holed up in the doll crib in the girls' room and slept the day away (with his teddy, of course).

On Monday he finally realized that he hadn't showered since he ran ... yuck! So he had a nice long soak in a bubble bath. His toes were just a bit pruned after a day long relaxation session.

After a few days off from exercise, Johnny was feeling invigorated. He was inspired by the kids' tree swing in the back yard and decided to fashion one of his own. Sure he fell off a few times (but always managed to right himself when no one was looking), but he kept at it and swung the day away.

Johnny also made sure that the kids knew he was listening to their Christmas requests. One morning he left them with a lovely artist's rendition of what each child most wanted from Santa (and no, the girls don't want dolls dressed in drag for Christmas ... let's just say drawing elegant looking princesses is not Matt's Johnny's forte).

Johnny's mischievous side came out yesterday when he decided to roll the tree. Toilet paper is a precious commodity around here, so we made sure he cleaned it up and re-rolled it once he was done.Now we get to have pine scented behinds for a few days. Thanks Johnny!

I had noticed Johnny eying our nativity set for a few days so it didn't surprise me when we woke up this morning to him self-casting himself in the role of shepherd for this year's Elf Christmas Pageant. If he does a great job, he may have a shot at the role of Joseph next year!

Johnny definitely had an eventful week, but I'm sure he's got a few more tricks up his sleeves in the coming days. Only 16 more days until Christmas!

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