Friday, April 22, 2011


For all you logical readers, I thought I'd do a post just for you. One that focuses on the rational mind's best friend - numbers. I'm a logical-type person myself, so this post was actually a bit cathartic for me. When you live in a world of tumultuous unpredictability like I do every day, a little bit of sound reasoning can do good things for the soul.  If you like flowery writing, I'm sorry. This Bud's not for you. I promise to break out the ornamented prose on another day.

So here they are, the numbers of my life in no particular order:

40 - number of grapes I had to slice for lunch (according to the parenting books I'm supposed to do this until they're going to college).
8 - Number of days it used to take us to go through a carton of diapers (200 diapers per carton) before the trips were potty trained.
30 - Number of days it now takes us to go through a carton of diapers (cue Hallelujah chorus).
6 - Number of dollars that can feed our whole family at Costco for lunch. Bargain of the century.
11 - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes on my DVR. We love us some Donald Duck.
0 - Number of haircuts Adah has had in her life. And I don't see any in her near future either. Is this normal for curly-haired girls who start life as bald babies?
5 - Weeks left of preschool this year (what am I going to do?!?).
96 - Packs of fruit snacks that come in the mega-large box. They will be gone in 3 weeks.
7 - Years I will have been married next month!
16 - Number of movies currently in my Netflix queue. Can't wait for The King's Speech and Black Swan.
86 - Degrees that it's supposed to be here on Monday. What happened to spring?
12 - Weeks until the final Harry Potter movie comes out. Not that I'm obsessively counting down or anything.
57 - Number of plastic eggs already in my house before Easter. I know because I just had to pick them all up after being dumped on the table.
5 - Miles I ran today. And man, my knees are feelin' it.
3.5 - Hours I spent last weekend replacing all the fall/winter clothes with the spring/summer clothes in the kids' closets. One of my most dreaded chores, but man it feels good when it's done.
0 - Minutes I spent switching out MY fall/winter clothes with my spring/summer clothes. Luckily I have a large enough closet that they all just fit in there together!

That's all my brain can muster up right now. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and a great Easter!

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