Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hunters and Gatherers

This past weekend we attended our second annual Easter egg hunt in Charlotte. Bogey invites the kiddos down every year and they always look forward to it. Since I have been obsessively training talking to the kids about hunting eggs, I was curious to see what they thought of the whole thing this year. They knew what to expect and they were ready to get their hands on some plastic orbs of pastel goodness.

We started off with a pre-game meal light snack of cookies and lemonade. Nothing gets those egg hunting juices going like a little sugar!

We also had a visit with the man of the hour, the Easter Bunny himself. After they blitzed the poor bunny with their four man offensive attack, we finally got them to sit still long enough for a picture attempt.

We had to pull them off his lap when Peyton started doing this ...

Poor guy in the suit, I don't even know what she might have been poking with her hand up there. I know that the way those costumes are designed that his head and eyes are not necessarily where the head and eyes of the costume are. I just hope that she wasn't poking his eye out when she shoved her hand up his permanently open mouth.

After that, it was time to hunt! Well, it was more like a "gather." their age group just had the eggs spread out on the lawn.

Patiently waiting to start ...

As you can see above, they got a little antsy while waiting. So we improvised with a little Easter basket dress up time.

FINALLY, it was time to go. Let the hunt begin!

As all egg hunts (and especially egg "gatherings") go, it was over before they knew it. We made out with some pretty full baskets though. Some eggs had prizes and some did not. Sam figured this out pretty quickly and proceeded to shake every egg as he picked it up to check it's "prize potential." If he didn't hear a rattle when he shook it, he chucked that egg back to the ground and kept going. Ruthless egg hunting I tell ya. I have no idea where he got that from.

We had such a great time as we knew we would. Thanks to Bogey for inviting us down. The kiddos are really excited for Easter, as evidenced by their recent conversations at the dinner table and in the car. Sam told me the other day, "Mom, do you know what happens on Easter? Jesus goes to heaven and then the Easter Bunny comes and gives us candy!" Jesus' resurrection and candy ... sounds like a reason to celebrate to me!

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