Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Marriage and the Three Year Old

Remember how I told you that Peyton has recently become interested in babies in people's tummies? And how we let her know that being married was a necessary prerequisite to having a baby in your tummy? Well, this is where things go when you pique the interests of a three year old.

An actual conversation that took place at our kitchen table ...

Peyton: "You have to get married first before you have a baby in your tummy, Sam. Mommy gave Daddy a ring and Daddy gave Mommy a ring to say that they're married. And then when you get married, you get a baby in your tummy."

Sam: "No Peyton! When you get married, you get a tummy ache."

Daddy: "I hear ya, brother."

Hmmm ... should I be more worried about Sam's comments, or Daddy's??

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