Friday, January 7, 2011


Setting: Peyton and Matt are At Mimi's house looking at the photos she has lining her stair walls. She has many pictures of Matt and his sister as they were growing up.

Matt: "Peyton, who is this (pointing to a baby picture of himself)?"
Peyton: "Oh, that's Luke (they think any picture of a baby is Luke)."
Matt: "No, that's a picture of baby Daddy."
Peyton: (Pointing to a picture of Matt's sister, who had curly blond hair like Adah) "And that's Adah."
Matt: "No, that's baby Meghann."
Peyton, who at first looked confused, now looks like she is starting to get it.
Matt: "Now who do you think this is (pointing to another picture of himself as a baby)?
Peyton: "Oh yeah! That's my baby daddy!"

Ummm, no honey. Let's not start with that kinda slang yet. And you had better NEVER have a baby daddy or we will have some serious talking to do!

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