Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm feeling a bit scatterbrained today, so I thought a list would be the best way to channel my thoughts. I don't know if any of this will even relate to my kids, but here goes ...

 • Jeans ... why are they so freakin' expensive? It's not like denim is a luxury fabric. And I hate it that the expensive ones definitely fit the best. My only consolation is that I do wear them all the time from October to April, so I (sorta) feel like I'm getting my money's worth. It's kinda like buying a TV. When you divide the number of minutes that thing is on during its life by the cost, it really seems like a bargain. Guess I need to have the same approach with the jeans.

• Haircut ... I need one. Not necessarily a chop, but some sort of new style. I've let all my previous color grow out and even though I'm ok with that, I at least want a new cut. And I am ashamed to admit that we have lived in NC for a year and I have yet to get it cut here. I have gotten it cut in the last year, I just got it done with my old stylist in FL when we happened to be down there visiting. So how do I find a good stylist without playing scissor roulette and chancing a bad cut? I've been told I should just approach someone whose haircut I like and ask them where they get it done. Sure, this sounds easy in theory, but how does one really break the ice with that question? "Hey, I was watching you run on the treadmill, not that I was watching you, and I noticed your hair. Don't worry it's because it looked good even when you were sweating. Not that I noticed that you were sweating because I really wasn't stalking you, I mean watching you. I just wanted to know who cuts your hair." Awkward. Maybe I'll just park outside a couple of salons and look at the hair of those walking out before making any decisions. Not at all stalker-esque, right?

• Why is Sam regressing in the potty training department? Someone with a boy please tell me this is normal. It is not an act of defiance or anything like that, he just won't go until it is literally streaming down his legs. The only thing that works is withholding fluids and I don't want to have to do that (he still drinks, just not gallons upon gallons). The girls are potty trained machines. I hate to chalk it up to the theory that boys are harder to train than girls (I tend to not care for all those generalizing mantras), but I might have to agree if he doesn't start holding it in more frequently!

• IKEA is awesome. Even more awesome is that we live within an hour of one.

• I want to get a really good devotional book. It doesn't necessarily have to be geared towards women or moms, but just a good one that makes you think. I need something to channel and guide my thoughts these days. Please, anyone, give me ideas if you know of any good ones.

• Speaking of books, I'm almost halfway done with Mockingjay, the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. They are a fast read and I liked them. I also read The Kite Runner, which was an amazing book about the wars in Afghanistan and how they have affected the people there (along with a personal story woven in). Other books that I see in my near future include:

Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God - Francis Chan
The Glass Castle - Jeanette Walls
A Gracious Plenty - Sheri Reynolds
A Million Miles in a Thousand Years - Donald Miller
Shepherding a Child's Heart - Tedd Tripp

I love to read, so I'm excited about getting to all these new books. Any other suggestions or reviews?

• The kids are working on their 47th cold in the last few months (you think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not). Fingers crossed that it's not a horrible one. I feel ok so far, but I know I could be blindsided at any time ...

That's all I have to dump out of my brain for now. Hope I didn't bore you too much, but it's Friday and I'm ready to get this weekend started. Nothing says fun like a cloudy Saturday with a high of 37 degrees! Any tips or ideas on child-approved indoor activities would be greatly appreciated!

Have a great weekend!


  1. The Kite Runner is on my list of all-time favorite books as is A Thousand Splendid Suns by the same author. I also read The Hunger Games trilogy and loved them. I hear "Emma" is good, but I haven't gotten that one yet.

    My daughter was easy to potty train. She was almost done by 18 months and fully trained (including nights by 2). My son is only 15 months but I can already tell he's going to be a lot more difficult.

    I just read on another blog a minute ago about a good devotional titled "God's Calling Me" or something like that. I'll try to look it up.

    Hair - I've heard fabulous recommendations of Aveda in WS but my husband's stepmom cuts hair so I've never had a "real" hairdresser here. Sorry I'm not much help!


  3. Thanks Courtney! I've heard good things about Aveda as well. I may have to give in and try it ...

  4. I gave Meghann a great devotional book. Can't remember the name but ask her, maybe she can find it. I love Max Lucado's devotionals.
    Also read Half Broke Horses by J. Walls. Also A Thousand Splendid Suns.

  5. we need to have lunch. and I have a book for you. :) I have a great hairdresser, too, if you want her name. I get home from FL on 2/5... want to do lunch Friday, 2/11 while the kids are in school?

  6. Sounds good to me! I'll have my little guy with me if that's ok with you. He's usually pretty good as long as there's food involved ... Let me in on the hairdresser too, I'd love a rec instead of choosing randomly.