Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Doctor, Doctor

So we went to the doctor today. Yes, me and the four kiddos. Something I just LOVE doing, can't you tell? We were just going for check-ups, so at least it wasn't for any illnesses. Anyway, my most favorite part of taking all four to the doctor is when we get called back and get to wait, all five of us, in the 6x8 foot cell they euphemistically call an exam room. They might as well just put a sign that says "Entering Purgatory" on the door.

So, there we are trapped in our cell with no books (oops, forgot those ... wait, this is a pediatrician's office ... shouldn't there be books around?), no snacks, and no way to take the two who have to go potty to the bathroom without leaving the other two unattended in the cell. Lovely. And did I mention that I'm in my workout clothes without a shower or makeup? Double lovely. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm 99% certain the pediatrician has never seen me with makeup on. At least she doesn't know what she's missing.

With no entertainment and roughly two square feet of space per person, you'd think they'd all be trying to get out of the door. Nope, not my kids. Despite the lack of toys and space, they entertained themselves for quite a while by doing this (shot with my phone, so sorry for the quality).

Is this all they need to have a good time? A mirror and some of that sterile paper they put on exam tables? Because if that's the case I just wasted a whole lot of money this Christmas on toys. In actuality, it kinda made me wish I could have just as much fun with paper, a mirror, and my hands. But them I remembered that I'm a boring adult who requires things like television, electronics, and media to entertain me. It started to make me wonder when children stop having fun with anything within their grasp and start demanding that someone else create their "fun" for them? I'm gonna be pretty sad when that change happens. So even though I'm sure everyone in the doctor's office could hear the little debacle going on in our cell, I just let them play. And since the doctor walked in right after this video, I'm fairly certain our noise making got us seen a little faster too!

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