Friday, January 14, 2011


Setting: At home. Kids are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa in just a few days. His impending appearance has been dominating the conversations lately.

Me: "Sam, are you excited that Santa is coming in a few days?"
Sam: "Yeah!"
Me: "Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and then the day after that is Christmas!"
Sam: "Yeah Mommy, you're right. I think Santa is coming Nexterday."

Setting: In the car.

Me: "Have you guys been learning the day of the week in school?"
Peyton: "Yeah, we have!"
Me: "Great. Today is Monday. What's after Monday?"


Me: "Okay ... well there's Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ... do you know what comes next?"
Sam: "Oh, I know! It's Fries-day!"

Apparently Sam has an affinity for creating his own words. Personally, I think Nexterday makes perfect sense and I would not at all mind if one day of the week was exclusively devoted to fries. Makes me kinda hungry just thinking about it ...

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