Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break

We had a wonderful time in Florida last week for spring break. And while the trip down wasn't so lovely (think 12am, children not sleeping, the endless road work in Georgia ... you get the idea), the weather decided to cooperate with our visit and we enjoyed the outdoors. Ice cream, sandy toes, and swing sets all took center stage this past week, and we definitely took advantage of all Florida has to offer before the endless months of humidity hit.

We were so excited to finally get in town, put on our shades and shorts, and makes some funny faces of course!

We sunk our toes into the sand and everyone had a blast building sand castles. We didn't even care that we couldn't go in the water yet!

We got ready for the Easter Bunny by dyeing some eggs. Adah, the man child (or should it be wo-man child?), did manage to crush one of the hard boiled eggs in her fist, but we still had plenty left to decorate. We were able to finish without toppling over one of the cups filled with dye, so we declared it a success. Less mess equals a more happy Mommy!

And, of course, we had to end every night with ice cream. What better way to end the day?

Ice cream ecstasy or brain freeze? You be the judge.

Overall, what a great trip. We loved spending time with family and getting away from it all. Contrary to Luke's actions in this picture, we did not want to leave.

The trip back home was MUCH better (thanks Dora) and we are back to the grind this week. We were so thankful we got to make some sweet memories and we can't wait to head back this summer for some more fun in the sun!

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