Friday, April 23, 2010

Bad Hair Days

Have you ever just had one of those bad hair days? You know, the humidity is high, you go outside with damp hair and you end up looking like you got a little too close to an electrical outlet? Luckily, I don't have to worry much about that. Oh, I have my bad hair days, but my hair is so stick straight it doesn't matter how much moisture is in the air - there is never going to be any added volume. Frizz maybe, but no volume.

Well, I ended up with three kids with three very different hair types (the jury is still out on the youngest one's hair since he doesn't have much yet!). Adah got the curly, prone-to-frizz hair, Peyton got the super straight fine hair, and Sam got the thick silky hair (way to waste it on the boy, right?). Well, having the three of them has taught me that you can have bad hair days regardless of hair type. Here are a few god examples.

The first couple pictures are from the triplets younger days. We were definitely the bald brigade for a while (and poor Adah was a member for eons), but when they eventually started to sprout some hair they definitely had some "off" hair days. Lots of times they got their bad hair after meals or snacks. This was mostly due to more food getting into their hair instead of in their mouths. Who knew that ketchup served as a totally adequate hair gel? I'm thinking of marketing it.

Naps are also a frequent culprit when instigating bad baby hair. Here are a few prime examples.

As with all hair, serious disruptions can happen when you add water.

Or air ...

And who can forget the mullet Sam was trying to grow a few months ago. I figured something needed to be done when it started curling back under his ears.

As I said before, Adah was slow to grow the hair, which is why there are fewer bad hair pictures for her. Her hair is really growing now and I should probably take a few pictures in the mornings just to document the frizziness that accompanies the a.m. hours. In the meantime, here's a  comparable picture to give you a basic idea of her morning "do."

Hope you are all enjoying a good hair day today!

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