Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Road Trip

We're heading to a family wedding this weekend and I must admit that I am a little scared. We have never stayed in a hotel with the kids, so it could be interesting. I'm wondering if we can request to be on an empty floor so we won't bother anyone. Our kids have an affinity for waking each other up with high-pitched squeals in the morning. They think it's hilarious, but I don't think a floor full of hotel guests would agree.

Finding a place to actually accommodate all of us for this wedding was a bit of a challenge. We couldn't fit all 5 of us (Luke is staying home with Nonni ... smart man) into one room, especially since everyone is still in a crib. So we had to be sure to find a hotel with a suite-style set-up. I also felt bad asking for 3 hotel cribs in the room because I thought we would be hogging their entire supply. So we will be hauling 3 pack and plays down to the wedding for the triplets to sleep in. This is why we don't go to restaurants that much either. It's hard enough to find 3 open high chairs at a restaurant and then if you do, you have to endure all the glares from other parents as you greedily scoot 3 of those precious chairs up to your table. In actuality, we can only go to restaurants that have many available high chairs AND round tables. The round table is necessary because it is the only table you can fit 3 high chairs, a baby seat, and 2 adults around comfortably. So that pretty much narrows our restaurant choices down to three. So much for variety.

We'll give you the update on how everything goes once we return, hopefully in one piece. I will consider it a success if no one gets injured and we get at least 6 hours of sleep each night. Am I being too optimistic? Here's what Luke had to say when we asked him that same question.

Like I said, he's a smart man.

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