Sunday, November 29, 2009

Giving Thanks

Some Thanksgiving highlights ...

We spent the week at Nonni and Grandad's house and we left without breaking anything valuable! Last time we were there Sam broke his Great great grandmother's antique teacup. So nothing shattered means a successful trip this time!

The Cliffords made the majority of Thanksgiving dinner this year, highlighted by Dad's smoked turkey. It was delicious! Here's the Thanksgiving spread minutes before it was dismantled.

Here's my plate. Doesn't it look like it should be in some sort of advertisement? More evidence that I missed my calling as a food stylist (yes, it is a real profession).

The kids slept through Thanksgiving lunch/dinner, but they got plenty of leftovers for dinner that night. Their favorites were the "chicken" (which was actually the turkey, but whatever will make them eat it) and the cranberries. Kind of sad that their favorite food was the one that came straight out of the can. Luke joined us at the end of the meal and munched on a spoon to pretend like he took part in the meal.

Adah enjoyed meeting Mr. and Mrs. Pilgrim ... annual staples at the Hassel Thanksgiving table.

Adah also enjoyed some computer time. Kids are getting pretty tech savy, right? Notice how she also brought along her cup o'joe to sip on while surfing the Cyber Monday sale previews.

Peyton was stunning in this year's hot new trend ... pockets!

Sam snuck off for a few minutes and we found him hiding behind the chair partaking in his favorite activity. All he needs is a tag. If you look closely, you can see he's using the tag on Peyton's nebulizer. This is getting a little out of hand ...

Nonni pulled out the old pictures of me and we did some comparisons with Adah. When we asked Sam and Peyton who it was in the picture, they both said Adah! (though they probably would have said any blond haired child was Adah).

We had some great weather, nice and cool, and spent some time outside relaxing and playing.

Overall,  it was a great Thanksgiving! We are so thankful we got to spend it with my family, but we missed seeing Matt's family too. We have a busy busy month coming up with Matt's graduation, the triplets' birthday, Christmas, and the MOVE!! It will all be here before we know it!

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  1. You and Adah look just alike! That is so cool! Me and my mom looked exactly alike and she made me pose in pictures that she took as a child. Don't put little Adah through that misery:) See you soon and glad you had a great Turkey Day!