Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hairy Goldfish

This is what happens when you leave your sweet, innocent 7 month old alone on the floor and turn your back for a second to atend to your other children ...

Notice the smile on his face. I apparently underestimated his reach and bag opening abilities at this young age. At least he was caught before trying to eat any of the triplets' snack. Sam tried to help out when he saw the mess ...

But he pretty much succeeded in just spreading the goldfish around and crushing a couple of them as well. Once he was finished I had a half-filled bag of goldfish and dog hair, yummy. Needless to say, we had some yogurt for snack today instead.

We finished off the day with Luke's first taste of chicken.

Poor guy, he just had a rough food day in all respects. Don't worry, he finished off the meal with some pears and was a happy camper when he got in the tub (which, as you can tell by the pictures, happened immediately after his dinner). I hope everyone else had a better dining experience than we did today.

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