Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Highlights

We are smack in the middle of moving this week so I don't have much time on my hands. Right now we are working on getting things ready to go in the old house while the kids are sleeping. We are moving next week! I wanted to post some pictures of this past week. We had a blast with all our family and really enjoyed the visit from Santa. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

We took our first ride in a golf cart ...

We ditched the baby doll and decided to give Luke a test drive in the doll stroller instead.

We celebrated the triplets' real birthday.

We met Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

Luke started crawling, army style.

We put the windows down and let the wind run through our hair ...

... and had some fun at the riverfront park.

We worked on sharing ...

... and tried to sit still for a Christmas Eve picture.

We got a visit from Santa!

And we had a Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone had as much fun this Christmas as we did! Next time we check in, it will be from our new home in Winston Salem, NC!

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  1. We are so happy to have you in North Carolina. Guess you won't be wearing those short sleeves for a while here. We are excited about seeing everyone on Sunday to celebrate yet another Christmas. love Mimi