Monday, July 2, 2012

Update ... Now that we have internet

To say that June was a busy month for us would be like saying Mt. Everest is kind of tall or that bacon tastes pretty good - all are drastic understatements. We managed to go on the vacation of a lifetime and move within 3 weeks. My brain still hurts from thinking of all that we accomplished in those few weeks. I can now proudly say that we sit in a house devoid of boxes with (most) things in their proper places! Moving is a bear, but it's a great sense of accomplishment once it's complete.

As I mentioned before, we moved just a few streets over from our former house. In-town moves are MUCH more taxing that out-of town ones. Mostly, it's because you're really "moving" for a few weeks as opposed to one day. We transported a lot of stuff on our own so we could mainly just have the movers move our large items. Matt must have lost 10 pounds over the course of the week as he hauled our junk back and forth from one house to another after the kids were in bed. I would say he single-handedly moved 60-70% of our stuff!

The kids have loved the new house so far. They have more room to run and play and explore, which is great for the ages they are at right now. The house is on 2 acres and is pretty wooded, so it feels like we are in the mountains most of the time. It also helps to have all those trees because it definitely reduces what the hot temperatures feel like outside. They've had a blast playing on the decks and riding their bikes around and around and around our "track-style" driveway. The driveway is a huge circle that encompasses the house and the kids ride around it for hours on end. Basically, it is the perfect yard for four kids.

As for the adults, we are slowly adjusting as well. It always takes a while to remember what drawer the silverware is now in or where you decided to stash the extra towels, but I'm sure it will all become more normal as time moves on. A new sofa here and a few window treatments there andI know this will soon feel as much like home as our last house did.

The kids have made me drive by the old house a few times so that they can see if the new people there are outside and ready to meet us (who wouldn't be ready to meet 4 yelling children?), but we've yet to make a sighting. Luckily, the new family works with Matt, so I'm sure we will meet them soon enough.

All in all, it's been a busy and fun few weeks. We're finally falling back into our summer routine of playing outside, fro-yo breaks at Brynn's, and pool, pool pool! Next up, a trip to the NC mountains to beat this 100 degree heat!

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