Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pony Express

This week we had the opportunity to head out to Cash Lovell Stables to have a little one on one time with their horses. The kids have never been around horses or ridden one (except for a teeny tiny pony at some festival years ago), so they were beyond excited. We got to have a short little tour of the stables and then they all got a chance to ride Freckles!

Waiting patiently for their turn ...

Seriously, is it my turn yet?

Sam was very worried about being skipped in line.

Finally, it's our turn! All smiles from here on out.

Adah meets Freckles before taking the saddle.

And she's off! Poor Freckles, he must have had vertigo by the time our group was finished due to how many times he had to go round and round that circle.

The kids were thrilled to finally have ridden a horse. I just hope we didn't entice any of them into wanting a pony for Christmas ....

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