Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hot Now Heaven

There's nothing Matt and I the kids like more than a sweet treat. Ice cream, cookies, lollipops, you name it and they want it. Although we don't eat them very often, we also love doughnuts. And wouldn't you know that when we moved to North Carolina, we moved right into the birthplace of THE most iconic doughnut ever, the Krisy Kreme glazed doughnut.

When we found out recently that Krisy Kreme would be celebrating their 75th anniversary with a big blowout birthday party that included free (what else?) doughnuts, you know that we made plans to attend. Ok, so I've been planning it for several months once I first saw the ad in the paper, but this is free doughnuts people! You have not tasted heaven until you have let a "Hot Now" Krisy Kreme glazed touch your lips. It's euphoria contained within the confines of a sugar-glazed pastry, my friend. Seeing as I didn't want to miss out on a little piece of heaven, we woke up Saturday morning, donned our party hats, and loaded up the van to head to the par-tay.

Obviously, we weren't the only ones with this brilliant idea. Apparently other people covet free deliciousness, go figure. Finding a parking place was challenging, but once we found one we hightailed it to the party site as fast as our legs could carry us. There may or may not have been some prodding of the kids to walk there a little faster (mush, mush!), but their legs were soon strengthened when they could smell the aroma of warm sugar in the air. Ahhhhh, is there any better fuel for the four-year-old's soul than the smell of sugar-coated hyperactivity in a pastry? I think not.

We finally made it to the party and all four kiddos were outfitted with their Krisy Kreme party hats. Once they were adequately costumed, they started drifting in the direction of the bounce houses. No way I was letting that take precedence over getting my free doughnuts, and luckily it wasn't hard to convince them that waiting five minutes to get a fresh doughnut was a better deal than waiting thirty minutes to bounce in the house that Happy Hoppers LLC built. Those five minutes were painfully long, but we were finally rewarded in the end.

After we were nice and full of sugar, we let the kids loose to have fun at the rest of the party's activities.

Overall, totally worth it. I managed not to eat an entire dozen doughnuts on my own and the kids had a fun time. In fact, they've started asking when it is going to be Dunkin' Donuts birthday!

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