Monday, February 27, 2012

And the Oscar Goes To ...

With the Academy Awards taking place last night, I thought it would be more than appropriate to give out a few awards in the Clifford house as well. So here they are in no particular order ...

Best Art Direction

The award goes to Adah with her remarkable work on the animation project, Me and Mommy at the Beach. Her work with the blue crayon on this one was impeccable and will definitely go down in Clifford history as a truly breakthrough piece of animation. Adah would like to thank her mom for taming her wild hair every morning and her dad for cutting the skin off of her apples. She'd also like to give special thanks to Peyton for all of those bedtime talks that inspired her to create this animated masterpiece.

Best Set Design

The award goes to Peyton with her set design of All The Plush Animals I Own Go On A Picnic On The Floor In the Middle Of My Room. This set design was carefully crafted and took many hours to perfect and complete. She would like to thank Adah for lending her stuffed animals for the film and Sam for not destroying her creation with his slew of airplanes.

Best Technical Achievement

This award goes to Sam with his creation of Bogey's Tower and his amazing reprisal of Walking the Line: How Parking Your Construction and Rescue Vehicles in a Straight Line Can Restore a Sense of Calm in Your Daily Life. Sam would like to thank all of his family that lives in Charlotte, the city that was the inspiration behind his tower project. He would also like to thank his perfectionist personality that gives him the urge to make such straight lines when parking his toys.

Best Newcomer

Luke burst on the scene this year to receive this award. He has made dramatic advancements in Art Direction under the tutelage of Adah as well as in the area if Technical Achievement as Sam's block construction apprentice. He has also dabbled a bit in acting and his most recent performance in Temper Tantrum in the Children's Museum Bathroom is already receiving Academy buzz for next season. He is surely a rising star. Luke would like to thank all food for giving him his svelte and sought-after beach ball belly as well as his mom for letting him get away with most things because he is the youngest.

And that's all the awards we have to give out today. All of the winners would like to thank the Academy for recognizing their work and for giving them a reason to keep creating, building, coloring, and tantruming. Thank you and good night!


  1. An award for "best casting" should go to you and Matt for arranging such a colorful, entertaining and dramatic cast of characters....

  2. I'll take it! Does ti come with a trophy??