Thursday, February 9, 2012

Petite Picasso

We have a budding artist in our midst.

Adah, who was the last of the triplets to really get on the coloring bandwagon has jumped head first into all things creative. She will spend hours at the table coloring or drawing new scenes from her imagination. And the girl definitely has a wild imagination. Here are just a few of her latest creations ...

Ok, I'll give you a second to look this one over because the color is a little hard to get past. Apparently this is me (the larger one, thanks sweetie) and Adah. I like that she made me smiling, but I'm not sure what to think about the pig-like nose placed to the side of my face. Does it really look like that? And is that why Adah is frowning? Is she thinking, man Mom, we gotta fix that nose on your face! I'm also not sure about the domino shirt I'm wearing. I know I wear a lot of sweatpants and t-shirts, but none of them are emblazoned with game pieces. And I don't even have a guess about the boat sailing in the sky.

I have to admit that I had NO CLUE on this one when she brought it to me. When I asked, she claimed it was a picture of her (most of her pictures are of herself ... we apparently emphasize narcissism in the Clifford house). And when I pressed her further she said it was a picture of her losing her tooth. What?!? I mean, I can totally see that in the picture, but what made her decide to draw that? I should mention that the girls are trembling with excitement about losing their teeth. Ever since they learned about the tooth fairy they have been quizzing me on when, exactly, their teeth will fall out. I don't have the heart to tell them it's still several years away and will most likely involve blood. I just hope Adah's face doesn't end up looking like this picture when her tooth is ready to come out.

(And again, what's with the domino shirt?!?)

This last picture is of me. I was overjoyed to find that dominoes had gone out of style by the time this one was produced. I like that she gave me a great big smile (she must not have gone to time out yet that day) and very generous eyelashes. I was a bit concerned with the nose on my cheek, but I'll chalk that up to lack of perspective in a four year old artist. All this was great, but what the heck is on my back? When asked, I was told it was my turkey tail, duh! Yes, this is me as a turkey. Thanks girl. Not the animal I would choose to portray me, but thanks for the effort.

Do anyone else's kids bust out random artwork that you have NO CLUE where the ideas came from? Any budding impressionists or cubists out there? I'm excited to see what Adah comes up with next. I'm going to encourage her to draw her Daddy next so I can see what animal he gets assigned!

Gobble Gobble!


  1. Lindsay Connor O'BrienMarch 8, 2012 at 11:22 AM

    I LOVE it--this is one of my favorite posts yet. Mike (husband) and I just received a very confusing drawing from one of our million godchildren entitled "Christmas tree spiders."
    I adore the turkey tail and the domino-wear. Maybe what appears to be a pig nose aimed to the side is supposed to be dimples?

  2. Oh Lindsay, I can only hope it's dimples. But all I can think of is how my sister used to tell me I had a pig nose. And now my kids think so too!! Ahhhhh!!