Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Losers

I couldn't think up a nicer name for this title, sorry. After having several toys that the kids just loved for Christmas, I couldn't stop there. Now there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the duds. Your kids may just love them, they just didn't work for our family. So don't go yelling to all your friends that such-and-such is a bad toy .... that's not what I'm saying. These are just the toys that didn't pan out like we expected.

The first toy is Cinderella (or Belle) and the Horsey.

**Note that this is indeed not the toy's actual advertised name. It was invented by a 4 year old who shall remain nameless.

The girls aren't really into the Disney princesses as much as they are into dressing up like princesses, ballerinas, etc. We don't watch many movies, so they've never even seen the princesses in action. They've only seen their pictures on packaging and toys. However, they saw this Cinderella and horse set in COSTCO and they just had to have it. This is literally the only thing that they asked for the entire month of December. Nice and easy, right?

Well, they opened this gift on Christmas morning and were super excited. They took everything out of the box and played with it for a total of three minutes. Then it was on to bigger and better things. I thought they would maybe come back to it after all the newness of other toys had worn off, but her majesty and her steed are still staring at me forlornly from their perch on the toy shelf. So much for a 4 year old knowing what she wants. I think they haven't really hit the Barbie stage yet, which is fine by me. Peyton did ask me what the large mounds protruding from Belle's chest were and I had to think fast with a diversion about HOW COOL IS BELLE'S HAIR, RIGHT?? At least Cinderella and Belle are completely clothed in a one piece bathing suit-like attire under their dresses. I'm not ready for that talk yet.

Another dud was this ...

I thought this Hot Wheels Wall Tracks set would be perfect for Sam. He likes to assemble things and it involves cars careening at a high rate of speed down a track ON THE WALL! How cool is that? I guess it wasn't a complete dud because the boys DO like it, it just doesn't get played with much. Once the tracks are assembled and on the wall, that's it. There's no taking them down and re-assembling them into another track. Maybe if you bought another set or two to add on you could do it, but not with what we have. Therefore Sam's favorite part, the assembly, is null and void with this toy. So, not a complete dud, but not the perfect fit for the boys and their need to do demo and reconstruction on a continual basis.

Our last dud is these Fisher Price Walkie Talkies that I thought were awesome.

This gift was just a miscalculation on my part. Even though it says for ages 3+, my kids just don't quite get what the toy is supposed to do and how to use it. They struggle with having to push the button ONLY when they talk and then letting it go when they want to hear the other person. Plus, they don't see the coolness of the walkie talkie yet. Why talk to my brother on this weird microphone-like thing when I can just yell to him in the other room? They don't have a clue. This one is a dud for this year, but I'm sure it will get its use in years to come. Chalk this one up to a mom thinking her kids are coordinated enough to hold down a button and talk at the same time when, in fact, they are not.

So those are the not-so-hot toys from this past Christmas. Did anyone else have a toy that you just KNEW was going to be a hit and come New Years Day it was still sitting under the tree? Do anyone else's kids understand the concept of the walkie talkie? Please tell me my four aren't the only ones in the dark.


  1. As for the walkie talkies....my older boys (ages 4 & 3) got them from their granddaddy for Christmas. He purchased a set meant for adults despite our pleas that there would be too many buttons. Well this turned out to be a good thing. They are much better quality, have must better distances outside, and the BEST PART IS.....you can "lock" all the buttons except "talk" or EVEN BETTER.....they can be "voice activated" The 4 (almost 5) year old has mastered using the talk button for the most part, but the 3 year old can't. With this feature they LOVE it, especially outside for playing hide and seek! Maybe try to get adult ones next time? Ours are Cobra brand.

    1. What a great idea! I never knew all the capabilities the adult ones had, I just assumed they would be too hard for them to handle. I'll have to check them out. Thanks!

  2. LOVE your posts!!!! Laughing and remembering the most played with toy in our house was the lint roller in David’s stocking!! Love the PALS!!!!

    1. Ha! They love the lint roller too. It's hidden in our closet, but whenever I use it (ours is more a dog hair removal roller) all of them want a turn too!

  3. I love reading your posts. William loves walkie talkies, but he mostly uses them as a prop while he pretends to chase the bad guys! As for the Christmas gifts, we have figured out that our kids aren't really into " stuff", but we still feel like we should wrap up something for them to open! The only gifts they use consistently are the Anywhere Chairs from Pottery Barn and the headphones and pajamas that were in their stockings! Simple pleasures......
    --Jennifer powell

  4. I know, isn't that funny? The girls' absolute favorite gift this year was a $2 harmonica in their stocking! And I always try and sneak some clothes in there as well. They still love getting new pajamas or a shirt and I know it will get used.