Monday, February 14, 2011

The Things I've Seen

I’m sneaking into the blog for a Valentine’s Day guest post, but Joanne doesn’t know it.  She really should change her password! Actually, I wrote the draft for this while she was putting building a new playlist on her iPhone. I know, I’m practically James Bond. Daniel Craig and I have often been mistaken for one another.

Joanne and I have been married for going on seven years. That’s at the same time nothing to write home about and something amazing! Seven years of marriage usually means the seven-year itch, right (full-on Marilyn Monroe style)? For us, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Recently, we’ve been reflecting a lot on our marriage, and I’ve come to one very clear conclusion – Joanne is not the same woman I married seven years ago. That’s right, she’s just not the same 24-year-old girl I stood at the altar with in sunny Jacksonville. She’s better. I can’t believe that’s even possible, but it’s true – she’s better in every way. When we got married, I knew it was right because we knew so much about each other. But I was wrong – she’s better now because I see her better now that I did seven years ago.
  • I’ve seen her holding a fluffy golden retriever as we tried to figure out a name.
  • I’ve seen her set up our first home.
  • I’ve seen her move out of that home (and again, and again, and again).
  • I’ve seen her train for the River Run.
  • I’ve seen her worship God.
  • I’ve seen her laugh.
  • I’ve seen her cry.
  • I’ve seen her disappointed.
  • I’ve seen her go through an unthinkable hurt.
  • I’ve seen her pick up the pieces.
  • I’ve seen her believe.
  • I’ve seen her joyful.
  • I’ve seen her in pain.
  • I’ve seen her scared.
  • I’ve seen her hold her first child (and second, and third, and fourth).
  • I’ve seen her become a mother.
  • I’ve seen her trust me.
  • I’ve seen her love me.
I remember when I proposed to Joanne. I thought she was perfect in every way, and I couldn’t wait for it to start, so I gave her that ring as soon as I got a hold of it. Our relationship was blissful and so effortless. Seven years later, my wife is more perfect than ever, and although our relationship has required some effort here and there, it’s more blissful than it ever was. I thank God for giving me my complement, my best friend, my wife.

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