Thursday, February 24, 2011


My triplets just recently went in for their 3 year old check up (I know, a little late). I really did try and get them in around their birthday, but since everything apparently shuts down for a month around Christmas it was hard to get them in until late January. I was excited that we had finally exited out of the "months" stage in determining their ages. When is that supposed to stop anyway? I feel kind of ridiculous saying "33 months" as an age. I actually just stopped using the whole months-as-an-age thing when they turned two. Can you imagine if that's how we always calculated age? I'd be ... well, let's not think about that. I want to have a high self esteem day today, okay?

Anyway, back to the doctor. My kids LOVE going. So much so that they have figured out that if they tell me they feel bad (or, specifically, that their ear hurts), they will most likely get a visit to the pediatrician. I think they must have blocked out the multitude of shots they received from birth to (ahem) 24 months. All they remember is going when they're sick and then getting a sticker or prize when they're done.

I thought things would be all hunky dory this time around as well. As far as I knew, they were just going to check them out, get weight and height, and we'd be on our way. Well, apparently they "discovered" at the last minute that all three of them needed one last dose of some vaccine (I am so bad at keeping track, they could be injecting them with smallpox for all I know). I guess they still needed to get this one in the thigh, so the nurse and I were forced to hold each of them down to give them the shot. I didn't have much trouble doing this when they were babies. Sure, it was sad to see them go from cooing and laughing at me to eyes welled up with tears and screaming, but the fact that they were unaware until the stick made it a bit easier. Giving them a shot when they are older is a whole 'nother ballgame. They all had this look of terror in their eyes when I lay them down on the table and they started to cry even before the nurse had uncapped the needle. Then they started to plead with me. "Please mommy, I don't want to hurt!" Super sad times.

In the end, they recovered, but the memory has been forever etched into their minds. Ever since the doctor visit they give each other "shots" constantly, always being sure to repeatedly remind the other that "it will only hurt a little bit" or "it will be over soon." They have also told me many times about how the doctor hurt them. I try to let them know that the doctor just wanted to give them medicine to make sure they didn't get sick and that it really only hurt for a little bit, but I'm losing the battle. I'm sure I will drag screaming children into the office the next time we need to go. I'm soooo looking forward to it.

That was a really long explanation for the classic quote below. Like I said, we play doctor now almost every day. Here's how a typical game goes.

Sam: "Mommy, can I take you blood crusher?"
Me: "My what?"
Sam: "Your blood crusher!"

Sam moves towards me with his Sesame Street blood pressure cuff. Kinda morbid for Big Bird to make one of these, don't you think?

Me: "Oh, my blood pressure. Got it. Sure go ahead."

Sam proceeds to put the cuff on my wrist since the cuff is a little small to accommodate my guns arm.

Sam (after taking the blood pressure): "Ok, you're all better now."
Me: "Great! Thanks Sam."
Sam: "Mommy!"
Me: "What?"
Sam: "You're supposed to say DOCTOR Sam!"
Me: "Right. Thanks Doctor Sam."
Sam: "You're Welcome!"

And end scene. I'm just glad Dr. Sam didn't give me a shot.

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