Monday, February 7, 2011

Just Call Him Ben Franklin

When I was in elementary school I remember every year we had the Invention Convention for everyone to participate in. It was a school-wide competition where each kid came up with an idea for an invention, made the actual invention, and then showed it off in front of judges to see who won. Kinda like a science fair, but way cooler. I lived for the Invention Convention (insert mockery here). Yes, I know I'm a dweeb. I would start planning my invention months in advance, forcing my mom to take me to all types of place to get my "supplies" for my new, prize-winning (at least in my opinion) idea.

I never won the Invention Convention at my school. Sad, I know. I remember one year that my Compact Card Holder (which consisted of a coffee can, yarn, tape ... I guess it doesn't sound as mind blowing now that I describe the materials) won second place. Great, first loser. I lost out to Lindsay Conner (who was coincidentally my best friend and master inventor herself) and her Chatter Lunch Box ... a clever invention where she mounted a small tape recorder inside a lunch box so parents could record a message for their kids instead of having to do the old write-a-note-on-a-napkin trick. How could I compete with that?

Well, it seems a bit of the inventive gene has rubbed off on my husband of late. I could claim to have come up with this idea myself, but I know I would hear about it for weeks so I'll just go ahead and give credit where credit is due. I'm thinking we could make bug bucks on this people, so please hold your oohs and aahs until the end of the display so everyone can get a good look at the next biggest thing to hit toddler eating accessories.

The commercial opens with a young toddler sitting at the table, ready to eat his meal.
He squeals in delight as a plate with a big pile of spaghetti is placed in front of him. In the background, Mom and Dad groan in exasperation as they realize that a toddler plus spaghetti equals one messy outfit they'll have to clean after dinner. Toddler smiles in anticipation of mess he will surely make.
Suddenly, camera cuts to Dad, who gets ones of those idea exclamation points over his head. Camera shows dad rummaging through a drawer until he finally pulls out ... the Catch All Bib (don't be fooled by its uncanny resemblance to an old man's undershirt)! 
Yes, folks, this bib covers ALL of your child as well as the chair! No more stubborn stains in your child's clothing when he eats messy foods. No more food to clean out of the high chair or booster seat. Simply put on the Catch All Bib before feeding your child and you will have a guaranteed mess-free child upon completion (well, at least everything but his hands and face)!
Get yours today at Babies R Us for just $19.99!
Where's that Invention Convention now, huh?

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