Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mohawks, Facial Hair, and Visits From Nonni

Sorry about the time lapse in posts, but we have been busy around here lately. Matt went out of town for work and Nonni (my mom - there we go again with the "non-grandma" grandma names) came for a visit! We had a blast hanging out with her for a few days. We're excited about heading down to FL next week for spring break, yea! Everyone please pray for sunny, warm weather. As for the past week, here's a little of what we've been up to.

The boys got new hair styles.

We continued our new found love of juice boxes.

Daddy taught us the ins and outs of sideburns and beards.

We also participated in a new and innovative fitness class combining yoga and coloring.

We managed to squeeze every last drop of fun out of our visit with Nonni (and every last drop of Nonni's energy too!).

And we started getting ready for Easter with some help from our preschool teacher and the bunny ears she gave us (Sam was working on an ear infection this day, which is why he doesn't exactly look as overjoyed as the girls to be sporting a bunny ear headband).

We're going to our first Easter egg hunt this weekend, so we'll let everyone know how it turns out. Should be lots of fun!

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