Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Like A Prayer

So Luke has adopted a new habit of dancing. He doesn't even require music to bust a move, but it does make it more enjoyable to watch. Take a look at these moves (note: Yes, he is sporting a Mohawk and the story about how it got that way is too long to get into now. I think its adds some "baby punk" edge to complement the children's music he's dancing to anyway).

Not to be outdone, Peyton and Adah wanted to exhibit their totally amazing memorization skills with this next video. Although their powers of recollection are surely off the charts, their sub par enunciation skills make it a tad bit hard to hear what they're saying. Here's a copy of the bedtime prayer they are saying:

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
Guide me safely through the night,
until I see the morning light.

Then the real fun begins when they have to remember everyone to "bless." Take a look ...

So you know, most of the people being blessed are family members (though they all have trendy grandparent names so it's hard to tell ... whatever happened to grandma and grandpa?). The only one who isn't is Wonkie, Peyton's security blanket, who was someone Adah felt worthy of blessing. Isn't she a nice sister blessing Peyton's Wonkie?

In addition, yes, they are wearing snow suits in the pictures. I just ordered them on clearance for our big ski trip next year (yay!) and I wanted to see if they would fit them in a year. I think they have plenty of room. The problem was, they didn't want to take them off once they were on. We ended up wearing them for snack right up until dinner. Maybe they were cold ... or maybe it's just a neat sensation to a 2 year old to suddenly feel like the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man for a few hours. It kind of made me want to rent some of those sumo suits just to try it out for myself. But then I thought about what kind of bodily fluids might seep into all those rented sumo suits as people sweat in the heat of the battle and I decided against it ... sorry for the mental picture. Hope you enjoy the videos!

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  1. How I have missed them. It seems so long ago that I was there for the 4 day baby sitting experience.These were all great, loved the prayers. See you Friday. love mimi