Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day Trip

It's officially the start of March and all I can say is that this North Carolina weather is not showing me any impending signs of the upcoming spring. It is snowing outside as I type. So we are stuck inside with the kids and our play time has started to include things like this ...

Yes, that is my husband playing his Wii with the two boys mesmerized by his every move. It's not even a Wii Fit, so I can't even try to begin to pawn it off as exercise. We decided this past weekend that we needed an outing to get the kids out of the house. So we headed down the interstate to our closest "big(ger) city", Charlotte. My in-laws live there and we planned to spend the day with them and take the kids to a children's museum in the city.

Our trip was just what the doctor ordered. We had a great lunch and then left Luke to nap with his gandparents while we went with the kids to Discovery Place. They had a blast with all the hands-on exhibits.

This giant Lite-Brite was awesome.

We also got to take in a 3-D movie. They were enthralled and Peyton kept reaching out to touch everything she was seeing through her glasses.

As the day wound down, we stumbled upon this exhibit. It was absolutely disgusting. The theme of the area had to do with bugs and some sick-o decided that a good thing to show kids is how maggots help decompose a human body. Great science, I know, but in a children's museum, really? Save that for the pre-pubescent boys in middle school who would have thought it was cool. Well, Peyton LOVED this exhibit. Here's how much she loved it ...

She was literally on top of Mr. Dead Body in his body bag staring intently at the maggots that were supposedly decomposing him. She threw a fit when we made her get off. I don't know what this says about her future interests, but I'm going to start steering her away from corpses and maggots in the future.

As the day wound down and everyone started to get tired, we called it a day. We made our way back up the interstate to good ole W-S. What a fun day!

We'll definitely have to go back soon. And if everyone sleeps how they did the night we got back, we should consider doing this every weekend!

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